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Nordstrom Finally Restocked the Unexpected Birkenstock Online Style Celebrities Keep Wearing

Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale

Even as Ugg season slowly approaches (though it never really ends), the throttle that Birkenstocks have on everyone is not loosening up. They really are the perfect brand for every and any occasion, especially if you are a celebrity going to a gym class. And there seems to be a new style that's gaining popularity.

Lucy Hale was recently spotted in a pair of unexpected Birks, the Arizona Big Buckle slide sandal. The style is not that different from any Birkenstock you normally see on the street, except for the detail that is its namesake: That big buckle adds a little drama, and honestly helps them feel a little fancier, too.

They've been sold out at Nordstrom for a couple weeks, but they've recently been restocked. All hail the Birkenstocks Gods. If you're a purist, the OG Birko-Flor sandal is also back at Nordstrom after having been sold out for a while as well. For a slightly different look, there's the Mayari Birko-Flor. You really can't go wrong.

The only complaint we ever have about Birkenstocks is that after a couple of celebrity sightings, they tend to sell out quickly. But we've learned our lesson, and so the Big Buckle sandals are happily sitting in our cart awaiting checkout. Sure, fall is coming up, but supermodels have touted the socks-and-Birks look many times this year already, and we'll gladly follow in their footsteps. Pun intended.